“There are no words that can express how happy Tim and I were with our wedding nuptials. I have to say that you made the whole experience from the invitations, guest favors, linens, cake, flowers and menu were all more than what I expected.

I am what you call a woman who likes to be in control. It was hard for me to let go in the planning, but you put me at ease and made it all work out.  

Both my family along with Tim’s family had a memorable time together.  The “Night Before” Luau, Wedding Celebration and Day After Brunch were perfect! Thank you again and again.”

The comments above were shared by our bride and groom.

Just the night before, the wedding party, enjoyed a traditional luau which immersed the visitors in the island spirit. Native dancers moved to the rhythms of local chanting and drums. The colorful array of flowers and leaves jubilantly flowed with the dancing bodies. A feast was shared by all the guests and the party set the tone for a joyous weekend.

The Olowalu Plantation House was the perfect setting for this real Maui wedding produced by Envisions Weddings.

Witnessed by their closest friends and the crashing ocean waves, Tim and Denise traded rings and vows at the beautiful private ceremony.

Magnificent bouquets abounded on the timeless decor and adorned their soft elegance to the tabletops, the wedding cake, and the beautiful bride.

As Tim kissed his new bride the sun began to set on the horizon and it was as if the island was giving the new couple its own special blessing.

Our lovely bride and her guests sipped champagne into the evening. As the night continued a beautiful vanilla wedding cake filled with fruit and cream was served. The sounds of rhythm and blues and the glow of the beautiful full moon provided the romantic touch to the final dance of the evening.

The first morning as a married couple, Tim and Denise shared a lavish brunch with friends and family. Traditional mimosas with island flair and other tropical libations were enjoyed by all. Tropical fruits, local favorites, pancakes with fresh berries and more were offered.

The highlight of this “day after” party was the custom omelet and “eggs and thing” station. The guests exchanged toasts, recanted funny stories and cherished the joy of each other’s presence.


Tim and Denise’s wedding was more than a ceremony – it was an experience for everyone who was lucky enough to attend- a magical experience skillfully crafted by Envisions Weddings.

Our team at Envisions Weddings share in their joy as it was a pleasure for us to work with Denise and Tim on all of the details of their special day. 

They as a couple made it a true delight to do our job creating magical memories.
Our toast, Cheers to Tim and Denise.

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